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This is my first time positing so it feels a little weird but idk where or who to turn to. First a little background, I am a 23 year old female who has been for the most part a healthy individual. About a month and a half ago I became more stressed about everyday life. One day before work I picked up some coffee which I always do and went to work. As I finished drinking my coffee I started to feel really lightheaded and my heart was pounding fast, and I couldn't catch my breath. I felt really weird that whole day and when I went home I still didn't feel right. That night it happened again, heart pounding fast, light headed, and shortness of breath. Only that night it was way worse that I couldn't even sleep that whole night. The next morning I went to the doctor who did an ekg(which came back normal) and said it was probably dehydration. He told me to get some rest and sent me home. I drank plenty of water that day and that night I still felt horrible. My bf took me to the ER where did they blood work, urine test, and another ekg. All normal. They said it was probably an anxiety or panic attack and that it would pass. They gave me a couple of Ativan pills and sent me home. The Ativan helped me calm down and put me to sleep. That whole week I still didn't feel like the normal me and I was determined to find answers. I went to the optometrist to check my eyes since they seemed sensitive to light. He said everything checked out fine. I went to urgent care a couple days later and the doctor said it might be stress or anxiety. It was hard for me to believe any of them. I started googling My symptoms and all these horrible diseases came up. My worst fear being ms. One day I started feeling tingling and I freaked out an went to the ER again. They said it was most likely to die to anxiety. Again I felt reassured for a second and then started to question it. I went to another doctor because I was scared it was something more or neurological. He said it looked more like anxiety to him he prescribed anxiety meds for a couple of weeks and told me to come back and see if it helped. It did for the first week and a half I was starting to feel normal again but one day I got a headachw which couldn't been caused by tmj but at the moment I thought it was a normal tension headache. It lasted for a week. But it increased my anxiety and made me think I had something else. I got an obsession with googling my symptoms and ms always came up. I became more scared. I started seeing a therapist to get my anxiety under control. She first suggested further Testing tho to rule out possible medical causes. Everything came back fine except the ana which came back inconclusive she told me not to worry about it but I freaked out. A couple days earlier I had met with a neurologist who said he didn't think it was anything major. I had gotten muscle twitching and body jolts. His reassurance had slightly calmed me down and once the therapist said the ana came out inconclusive it brought back fears of autoimmune and neurological issues. The therapist said I shouldn't worry but how can I not. I freaked out so much that I went to the ER and while there I started having horrible muscle spasms and numbness and tingling. I had convinced myself I have ms or an autoimmune disease at this point. I'm awaiting results for the autoimmunie tests and now I wanna get an mri to check for something neurological. I'm so scared and freaked out its all I think about. I cry all the time. Just 2 months ago I was healthy and now I'm an anxious mess. I'm scared of my worst fear coming true I don't want to suffer or live scared the rest of my life. I need my sanity back. The only way ill get that is by getting all these tests and mri. But I Also don't have insurance and I'm going broke with everything that I've done so far. I don't want to be like this anymore. I need peace of mind but I don't have to money to get everyrhing done. I tried to apply to medical insurance but what denied. I hate having to wait to see if I'm ok or not. My anxiety won't go away Til I know for sure and waiting is going to drive me crazy.

Sorry about the extremely long post but I wanted to include as many details about what's been going on.

Full list of symptoms are:
Heart palpitation
Sensitive to light
Blurred vision
Chest pain
Muscle aches
Muscle twitching and body jolts
Some numbness
Dry mouth
Trouble sleeping

At this point idk if its all due to anxiety or something autoimmune or neurological

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