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So my entire life I would say I had VERY minor anxiety and panic attacks, so minor that I would only notice it maybe once every three months, for a very short amount of time. However, after I started my freshman year of college (I go to a school around 6 hours away from home) I started developing much worse anxiety. After about a month of being away I felt extremely lightheaded and went to the doctor the next day. They put me on antibiotics (did absolutely nothing). Most of the time I just felt out of it, to a point that it was hard to even attend class. Everything just seemed surreal. Breathing became harder and I felt that I was often out of breath. A few weeks after I got the antibiotics I ended up going to the emergency room, as I began shaking and feeling numb (I thought I was having a heart attack at first). The emergency room did an EKG, blood tests, urine test, and everything came back fine. The doctor told me it was just from anxiety. I was still skeptical so I went back to my hometown for a weekend and visited a family doctor, who checked me out again, and told me it was just anxiety. He told me he didn't want to start me on any medication as I'm young (19), and to try and get over it on my own, knowing there is nothing wrong with me. He said if I don't get better to go back and he'll prescribe me medicine. I'm the kind of person who NEVER takes any kind of medication and will only do it if I absolutely have to. I really do not want to start taking any anti anxiety medicines.
When I got back to college I began feeling a little better. It was easier for me to go to class and go out with my friends. The first weekend back (I had spent almost the entire semester in my dorm as I couldn't go out) I was stupid and got really drunk. I know this is one of the worst things you can do for anxiety, but I thought going out with my friends might help me. Turns out it didn't. After that I went back to feeling out of it all the time and having panic attacks. Shortly after that incident, I was looking online on ways to help lessen anxiety and I came across an article on green tea. I began drinking three cups of green tea a day, and it just made things worse (I now know green tea has caffeine, which I'm guessing is why it didn't help). I then started drinking 3-5 cups of camomile tea a day, and things started getting MUCH better. Although I still felt somewhat out of it, and had panic attacks occasionally, they lessened a lot. A day or two after I got home for winter break I felt 100% better. I realized how pointless all of my worrying had been and I thought I had gotten over my anxiety. I stopped drinking camomile tea, and a few days after I stopped I started feeling out of it and worrying about my health.
Has anyone else experienced anxiety from being away from home? Also can camomile tea have that much of an affect on my anxiety. I've read studies but I never thought it could have been so effective as to completely rid my anxiety. I started drinking camomile tea again, yesterday, and hopefully I'll begin to see the same results as last time. Any input is greatly appreciated and merry christmas!

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