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Hi everyone, I suffer from general anxiety, mild social anxiety (depending on the situation), and occasional mild panic attacks. I am NOT depressed, although the anxiety does cause me to stress out. My primary care doctor wanted me to try Zoloft, which I did for a brief time, but had to stop due to severe jitters and insomnia. I was grinding my teeth on it and felt constantly high. It actually seemed to hype me up more than calm me down. My anxiety actually seemed to get worse on it. Plus it was killing my appetite. I stayed on it almost 2 weeks but then had to stop. I feel better now, but my anxiety is still there. I am supposed to see her again in a few weeks for a follow up, and I will have to tell her the zoloft didn't work for me. After researching it, I found many seemed to have problems with it. And I have always had problems falling asleep, and the zoloft made things way worse. Isn't zoloft more of an anti-depressant than an anti-anxiety? So what are my other options? I feel like I just need something maybe in a low dose to keep my mild to moderate anxiety in check, so I won't constantly be scared of social situations, and also to help when I have trouble sleeping at night.

I'm rather scared to get on any benzos because of the horror stories many tell about Ativan dependency. Are there any other good "starter" anxiety medications I could ask for? Without major insomnia side effects? I felt like the zoloft in ways hyped me up rather than calmed me down. Thanks for any suggestions.

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