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Re: Anxiety
Jan 17, 2013
Hi there, I have suffered from what I know realise is Anxiety for a very long time. Initially I was just seen as a very shy and nervous child and just grew up thinking that's the way I was and that's the way I would always be. Then as I've grown and become an adult and life pressures have increased, I noticed my anxiety becoming much worse and feeling like I wasn't able to just cope day to day without a lot of symptoms of feeling very emotional all of the time, not wanting to deal with people in general, etc. Anyway, to the point. I finally one day (because one of my children was showing tendencies toward being extremely 'shy' for want of a better term) I decided that there was no way I could help my child if I didn't try to help myself.

I talked to my husband about it all and that I was feeling like I couldn't take it any more and he has supported me throughout, so having someone to help support you if you can is a good start. I then went to my Doctor explaining (whilst in tears) what I had felt. I don't think I explained it well but I got through it. To cut a long story short I started taking Citalopram and also as part of the medication, I had to receive some counselling. I really feel that the Counselling part of it was the bigger thing that helped, although the medication made me open to be able to talk and settle my mind and body a bit.

I have never talked to anyone about my situation other than my husband and one other person I worked with because she admitted openly that she has anxiety and that she was on medication, which blew me away. I thought if she can do that, then surely I can go speak with my Doctor. I'm a private person and still don't really talk to other people about it. I have a lot of embarrassment about my situation and worry too much about what people will think of me, which I shouldn't but it's part of my symptoms.

I hope this helps in some way and you to can seek some assistance. The key certainly was the combination of therapy (the most important) and the medication.

Good luck.


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