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So heres the long and short of it...been on clonazepam since last May, had breakthrough anxiety from zoloft (6years on it) and as I was increasing dosage needed a little help. worked like a charm tokk .25mg once or twice a day

Then I decided before giving the increased dose a real chance to work to come off the zoloft (and did so REALLY FAST) went into withdrawal

fast forward> I have been slowly going back on the zoloft after 2 month being off and have been increasing dose slowly (I am on day 10 of 50mgs, need to get to 150)

heres the problem, clonazeapm has lost its power? I am now taking .5mgs in the morning and at bedtime with .25mgs mid day...the morning dose does absolutely nothing!!!! I have even tried taking .75mgs and sometimes that helps but doesnt take the anxiety completely away

is it possible that it stopped working or do I need to increase the dose to 1mg? p/doc says to do that but I am already so scared of being addicted to this.

my hx is being on and off zoloft several xs each time took either xanax or clonazepam until the zoloft woulf kick in...but never have I had it increased!

please someone with some background with this med I need help...crawling out of my skin most of the day is no way to live

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