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Hi everyone. I am new here. I just wanted to hear everyones opinion on this as I am driving myself crazy about it.

Okay this has been going on for ages now. I have been suffering with what my doxtor told me is anxiety but this is without any scans for anything else that it could be. For the past few months I have been getting really awful lightheadedness. It started off being once in awhile but for ages now its pretty much everyday. When it happens I cannot stand for long without wanting to lay down and this is when the feeling goes away. It makes me feel like i am going to collapse. When I have to go out I always feel weird and try to put it off as long as posible.
When I am walking around outside I always feel like my heart is beating too fast or that I can't breathe properly and that I don't seem to be taking in enough oxygen. I have had many ECG 's and my last one was in November. The cardiologist said it is normal. For some reason I struggle to believe that there is nothing wrong. Today for example I was waiting for a bus and after the walk to the stop I sat down and when it came to getting on the bus when I stood up I felt a warm feeling that surged to my heart and I felt odd for a minute. The warm feeling happens a lot.

I always have this urge to shake my leg. Its like I do it to make sure that I am alive. I know that sounds so stupid. I am just so upset about it. I just want to feel normal again. Just be me. I miss not worrying abour going out and just doing whatever I want to do. In relation to the tachycardia I have had an ablation and the cardiologist said he reckons I will never be bothered by it again. The attacks used to scare the hell out of me. I think I still worry about my heart having another svt attack and i think when my heart starts beating quickly that it will trigger one. I am so worried about my heart that it literally has taken over my life. I get really upset about this now. I hate it! I especially hate the lightheadedness that seems to have become my shadow. When my heart skips beats i can't help but think about it and then i get more skips. My cardiologist at my check up after my operation said i can expect to feel these after the operation but i don't care they just really get to me anyway. I recently had a xmas temp job and when that came to an end i had too much time on my hands and I have been a lot worse since. Why does it do this? It sucks as I can't do the things I used to do and when I do want to I feel too weird and ill to do them. I started therapy in December and she is trying to help but whether the whole experience will actually help, only time will tell.

At the moment I just feel like my head is all woozy. It is so annoying :(

Sorry I know this post was disjointed, I just wrote it as it came to me!


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