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Jan 22, 2013
I am 43 and have an on/off history with anxiety attadcks, I moved to MS recently and the Dr in TX had me on klonopin. Do not like the way that makes me feel. I feel detached from people and things and just gave me an icky feeling and I was so cold, no matter what the weather was likel So they tried Prozac. Which turned into the worse 3 weeks of my life. Kept telling the Dr. and my mom (she's a nurse) that it wasn't helping and I was feeling worse. I was told to keep taking it and it would get bettter. 3 weeks into it I had dropped to 109lbs and was having anxiety attacks all day every day. My mom took 3 weeks off work to take care of me and to give me ativan when I needed it. It was the worse three weeks of my life. I was told I had the second worse reaction to prozac the dr. had ever seen. Now just a few days ago I had the worse anxiety attack I've had in a long time. I know how to talk myself down and do the breathing, but it wasn't working this time. My heart rate was in the high 200's and to make it worse I had people all in my face asking me what's wrong. I hate that! The new dr. has given me lexapro...10mg...but I am to start the first week at 5 then build up. I was told this was a good med for people who had bad side effects to the other ones. I'm on day 3 and my jaws are so clinched, I'm tired..and just have zero energuy. I have noticed hearth palpatations today. How long does it take to kick in or am I going to end up being freaked out like the prozac. Miserable feeling!

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