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i have been diagnosed with severe anxiety / severe panick attacks , i also have been diagnosed with a overactive thyroid and also high blood pressure it seems im doomed to suffer, if one dont get me the other two might . when i have a severe debilitating panick attack i start getting hot and flush at the same time inside my head i feel something like concussion symptoms like for example after suffering a hard blow to the head that feeling right after that blow the feeling of blacking out and that surging like a buzzing in your head then my eyes starts going dark it starts at my periphial and works inward closing in around me but back to my head if anyone has ever had a hard head impact you might know what i mean when i say that concussion like feeling where your not sure if you had a micro blackout or not . well thats kinda how my head feels when i have a panick attack and was wondering if anyone else feels that way in their head when they have an attack or hopefully someone can maybe help me put into better words what it feels like so i can explain to my doctor cause as of now im limited on how i can describe my attacks it is just such a weird feelling all around

i keep being told by my doctor who i have been seeing alot lately due to all this being farely new to me but i keep being told by them that my overactive thyroid is causing my panick and anxiety which again is debilitating and my thyroid is also probably causing the high blood pressure , and it will take some time to tweak everything back to normal , in the meantime i have been suffering more than i ever have i constantly feel dizzy and i constantly feel this weird feeling in my head its like a dizzy concussed heavy drugged feeling all day long every day i have tingling like a slight chill that happens in my head coming down my face , my facial muscles feel so torqued that at any second it will just twist up and leave me deformed when i smile my facial muscles start twitching my body feels as if i have the worst flu u can imagine im tired constantly im having severe nausea but i never puke im always feeling like im gonna pass out but never do , but according to my doctor im perfectly a healthy 35 year old man with a thyroid problem ,high blood pressure and severe anxiety .the last three thyroid test goes like this

TSH .860 IN OCTOBER 2012 (at this point not taking meds constantly , but after this test i started taking my meds religously which was 30 mg methamazole per day )

TSH 24.450 DECEMBER 2012 ( this is after taking my prescribed meds the way i was supposed to , but after this test my meds were dropped from 30 mg per day to 5mg per day instantly)

TSH 8.60 END OF JANUARY 2013 ( after this test i was told to stop taking all thyroid meds and this is where im at now )

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