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Hi Everybody,

For the past year I have been living with what some doctors have told me is anxiety, while others (new primary care and neurologist) believe are migraines. March of 2012, while sitting in class, I experienced a sudden intense feeling of vertigo which came on in waves. I did not feel any panic or anything, just very dizzy and nauseas. I excused myself from class, went to the restroom, and noticed my face was very pale. After a few moments when the dizziness (coming in waves) would not subside, I got a bit scared something was wrong and then my heart started to pound. However, I was able to call a friend in the medical profession who advised me to seek medical help. I walked back to class, notified my professor, and we walked together to a security booth where I called EMS and was taken via ambulance to the emergency room. Enroute I kept having waves of dizziness and nausea. I remember the EMT running an EKG because I was having chest pains and he said that there was something strange with my right sinus of my heart. Nothing more was said of that.

At the ER, the doctor just told me I had either the start of an infection, dehydration, or a panic attack. I was released after a few hours and told to follow up with primary care. Coincidently, I did end up having a bad ear/sinus infection a few days later, so my mind took me in the direction that the dizziness was related to the onset of that. However, a year later I still have daily "brain fog," a feeling as though I could faint (never have fainted, but I get pressure behind the eyes and feel as though I am on the edge of fainting), mild dizziness, feeling as though I am not all there, nausea, and headaches. My Neurologist believes it is migraines and prescribed me Topamax, which has not helped so far. I also, thinking it is anxiety, do all tasks like I normally would. It is my own way of doing CBT, but it hasnt worked.

Yesterday morning, while watching tv, I got a jolt of dizziness. Suddenly my chest was hurting, as was my back between my shoulder blades. It felt as though I had pulled a muscle. I also got extremely lightheaded and faint feeling; more so than usual. I've had this feeling a few times within the year, and knew my pulse was already low, so I took it. Now, for the past two days my pulse has ranged from 36-55 bpm. I went to the doctor, who ran an EKG. She said that this EKG was similar to another they ran 6 months ago, when I had similar complaints, and it shows that there is an incomplete right bundle branch block. She advised I go see a Cardiologist. I am reading, however that this is usually a benign condition and thinking all this is my anxiety playing tricks on me. My pulse today is still low (around 36-45) and I feel very tired.

I know all these medical woes have made me anxious, but before March when all this started I never felt anxiety type issues. It came on very suddenly. I was actually in a good place in my life when this all happened and feel my anxiety now than I did then. Regardless, I think this is probably anxiety, but wondering if anyone has any thoughts. My doctor said anxiety would raise my pulse rate, but mine is so low. Debating an ER visit but not sure if the cost, even with insurance, is worth it if it's just anxiety. Thanks

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