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Mar 1, 2013
My anxiety is a living hell.... I've decided to write a post to see if anyone else feels like I do, or been through the same.
I'm only 21 and it started about 6 months ago and it just seems to be getting worse and not better... I carnt really remember how it all started now, but i started having panic attacks, but now it's more anxiety attacks. I have been to the doctors so many times, i must go at least once a month, as I have something new and different every time, the symptoms i get are the worse, but they make me panic more and more and then stresses me out to the point I cry....

Symptoms I have experience or got now:
* head zaps - feels like my head is shaking now and again and jolting up and down as if you are going over a speed bump
* heart pains - feels like I'm having heart attack or feel as if my heart is gonna stop, constantly feel my chest to see if its still beating, I also get these achs in my heart, which last a few seconds, they come and go, but they freak me out so much.... Does anyone else have this or experienced it?
* constant chest tightness - feel I carnt breethe and out of breathe
* always feeling dizzy, headaches, tension and shooting pains in my head and wierd sensations, feel like the floor is moving up and down when I stand, tender spot on side of my head which is painful when touched
* shaking, sweating
* mad thoughts, feel like I'm loosing my mind or going crazy and feel the need to run quick, feel like I'm not here and I'm floating, wierd feeling
* soooo many more , but I'd be here or day otherwise

Also I have been to the doctors, I've had blood tests - come back normal and ok, not got asthma, checked heart and said its fine - just went for a ECG scan, get my results in 10 days, although said I don't need it, but I wanted it anyways, as I keep thinking I have a heart problem, had eyes tested twice and come back fine, x rays I have had. Told them about my head pains and they said its all due to anxiety!!! I go everything to the doctors and they are not concerned about me, but I keep thinking I have something wrong with me and really stressing me out, anyone else going through the same? Please leave a message, wud b nice to talk to some people who go through same as me right now.

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