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Hi, I literally joined this just so I could post this.

Okay, so, I'm a 24 year old girl, I'm over weight, and I have anxiety and depression. Lately my anxiety has gotten pretty out of hand. Just last night I was with my boyfriend, I woke up from a nap, and started panicking. I sat next to him and I calmed down, but lately that's been happening to me, not often, but about twice I the past few months. The time before was while smoking with my boyfriend. I started panicking because I had a lot on my mind (I was out of work just after college, freaking out, the normal growing up stuff). Last night was weird though. I started getting bad thoughts about being a bad gf because I was being snarky earlier.

What JUST happened however is something else that has happened to me more than once. I felt faint after sex. I'm not in the best health. I mean I'm overweight, I smoke cigarettes. I know I'm not in great shape and yes, I do feel bad, but is that enough anxiety to make me feel like I'm about to faint? Especially having a nice morning with my boyfriend? I don't think I have high blood pressure... Diabetes runs in my family, but I'm only 24...I'm not 200 pounds and I'm 5'3". Thank you so much for any help... To top it all off, I'm thinking my boyfriend thinks I'm a psycho....

Sorry for any typo errors. I'm on my phone.

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