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Hi All - first off, thanks for being members here and posting your stories. I have been a lurker for a few years and have finally decided to sign up. I am looking for advice.

Back about 4 years ago I was having stress/anxiety issues. I often times feel the brunt of it in my face (numbness across my nose/right eye), headache, and in my stomach (feeling as though I need to find a bathroom, asap). I have had difficulty pin-pointing what causes the stress. I also believe I have a sort of panic-disorder mixed in related to being near a restroom. It is very embarrasing for me to even write this, but I have passed up many events due to it, have insisted that I drive if I travel anywhere, and have had numerous near full-blown panic attacks.

I decided to talk to my doctor about it (after debating for over a year) because I was coming towards the end college and wanted to get it under control. I was put on Celexa, which certanily helped with the symptoms. At first I loved it, but then I felt as though it was zapping some of the enjoyment out of life and I was just kind of "going through the motions." I went to a new doctor and they put me on Lexapro and added Wellbutrin to help elevate the mood. This didn't provide much of a change from the Celexa IMO. This January I decided I had enough of the meds (after about 3.5 years on them) and decided to stop taking them altogether. With the support of my wonderful fiance, NACL, exercise, and hope, I made it through the withdrawals in about a month without missing a day of work. They sucked, but I made it through.

For the past two months I felt great - no symptoms of withdrawal, slight anxiety but much improved.

That brings me to today. I have started to feel the stress and anxiety return to my face and have been feeling a bit down in the dumps. The panicky feeling in relation to being near a bathroom has returned. To illustrate - I was recently on a business trip and my boss was driving us to visit a client (only 10 minutes from the hotel) - I stressed about it prior to and felt very panicky on the ride, even though my stomach was fine and I had jsut went to the bathroom. Once we arrived at the client I was perfectly fine. I don't believe I was nervous at all to visit the client, I honestly think it is a fear of having an accident or something embarrasing happen.

I am at a point where I am seriously looking at different options. Part of me just wants to say screw it, and go back on Lexapro/Wellbutrin and coast through life. Another part of me wants to begin therapy. Another part of me wants to try a more "natural" route - SAM-e or similar items.

Throughout this whole ordeal I have been able to function pretty well but the internal battle is where I struggle. I don't miss work or anything because of it but I simply don't like feeling this way.

Anyone have similar symptoms/success stories to share? Tips or ideas? I am open to medication but want one that dosen't turn me "meh."

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