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I was pretty against medications for a little while. But then it got to the point where i was just done with the way i felt. Ive been on the wrong meds more then once.

The thing with medication is that its all trial and error. What i did is started researching meds and what they do, and how they do it. I look at anything from possible side effects (which alone can scare you away) to what receptors in the brain it effects and what its doing with those receptors.

From my experience stay away from long term benzodiazepine usage. This includes klonopin, xanax, vallium, ativan. There are tons of benzodiazepines out there but the main ones prescribed are those. They are great for panic/anxiety attacks but they really mess with your memory and really your ability to function with long term use. I was on klonopin for over a year and it really impaired my short term memory majorly, i'm not totally sure what else it did but i feel a lot more "clear" now that im off of klonopin. The other main risk i think of with these medications are physical addiction. Ive been cut off of klonopin a couple times and went through some serious withdrawals.

It took me forever to get on a non narcotic anxiety medication called buspar. It does have side effects but they really aren't as bad as they make it seem in side effect lists. But this medication works really well for me(in combination with other meds for other disorders).

Another option is SSRI's which means Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor. Things like prozac, zoloft, celexa. These can work for some people but in my experience they did not even touch my anxiety.

Hope i helped in some way.

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