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The first thing I tried was claritin d and it helped. Maybe I should look into something different. The constant pressure just makes my anxiety worse.I'm hoping to get on my paxil regularly. Today was ok. I was able to go out to lunch then I felt dizzy and panicked. Had to calm down. The wind is blowing today and I'm sure all the pollen in the air made it worse. Can the allergy makes you feel dizzy. I have ear pain for a short time and I feel drainage in my throat's just crazy :(
I get ear pain with my allergies too. Technical term is Eustachian tube dysfunction. Basically that little tube that equalizes pressure between your middle ear and the outside world (between your ear into your throat) get swollen from reacting to allergens or get mucus-y in response to allergens and don't equalize pressure properly. If you did ok with Claritin d than definitely take it. The important thing is to take the Claritin every day during your allergy season because it needs to build up in your system to be maximally effective. I'm glad you had a good-ish day. I think your dr is right and that you should look into options as far as ssri's that you can afford to take regularly. Many drug companies have assistance programs for these kind of meds if I'm not mistaken. I'd look into it. I'm going to be asking my own psychiatrist tomorrow about getting back on an ssri for anxiety because honestly my klonopin doesn't do enough and it's addictive. Hopefully you'll be able to get into a situation where you'll find some relief from the anxiety monster soon (me too hopefully).

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