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[QUOTE=rich45240;5158046]I have been having trouble off and on for years with a different aspect of Death Anxiety. My anxiety is not based on the fact that eventually one day I will die, it is based on the fact of possible "non-existence." ...

... I read an article where one man said it would be just like before you were born - you didnt know you didnt exist. Those words alone, if you think on it - are the most omnious and terryifying words I can type. Has anyone though about non-existence? I can't even continue to write anymore as just writing this small paragraph begins to paralyze my thoughts.[/QUOTE]

It probably doesn't help for me to say that your form of death anxiety shows a level of sophistication in yout thinking. Having read up on death anxiety, I have learned that these types of existential issues of "nothingness" are the true foundation of death anxiety.

It was an athiest, psychotherapist named Yalom who tried to soothe his clients' fear of death with the argument that death is just like before you were born. He also wrote that it was very important to him to disavow his clients of the notions of religion and life after death. So it seems as if he had his own issues.

I agree with you that his words only make things worse, as one can possibly consider the pre-birth stage as one filled with potential and excitement about what can be accomplished in one's life. The after death scenario is more one of loss of the joys one has had in life with none of the potential for the future.

Having lived, we have touched many people in ways we never realized and this gets passed on in ways we cannot imagine. Teachers, who are dead and gone, from my youth, affect how I tutor English to immigrants 30-40 years later, the concern I shown them, and the support I give. And my students, in turn, are encouraged and empowered to give of themselves to others.

I choose to believe in a benevolent creator and that this world was no accident, not because as religion tells me this or that I read the Bible (although I am constantly shocked at some of the enlightened, almost new age things that come out of the Bible, which leads me to believe that there is something to be learned by people today). I am not sure how old you are, but after 53 years of living I have come to believe through experiences that there is something "going on." Life is not so simple that it is just we live, we die, and then are eaten by worms.

And don't we have some well accepted rules of science that says that energy can neither be created or nor destroyed. Our thoughts are electrical impulses in the brain and love is chemical and oftentimes can just about be felt through the air. People have been exuding these energies for a long time and if scientist are correct, this energy isn't just disappearing.

Just know that what you do, the kindnesses you show on the street to total strangers, has an impact that you may never be aware of. The guy who stopped me in the parking lot to tell me a silly joke had no clue that I had just come home from getting a breast biopsy and was scared to death about the results, but right then, he was my angel. And he'll never know this because he was a total stranger.

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