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Zoloft poop out?
Apr 11, 2013
I have been on and off zoloft 4 xs last time I stayed on it for 6 years sometime in late 2011 I took it upon myself to start skipping doses (never knew that can throw you into withdrawal)
long story short by March of 2012 I was having anxiety (after 6 years free) so I started taking my dose (50mgs) daily for 4 weeks with no let up on the anxiety, started taking xanax once a day to get to work.

eventually I continued to increase the dose to 200mgs. By the time I was at 150 I was having better days but still needed (by this time had changed to clonazepam) at least once or twice a day

so I decided it wasnt working anymore and came down from 200mgs to zero in 2 months...OUCH...went into pretty bad withdrawal

tried to just monotherapy with clonazepam but it wasnt working so since Dec. 2012 I started back on the zoloft

25mgs for 4 weeks and then I increased to 100mgs too fast so Dr said back to 50mg for 4 weeks.
then another dr said no I want you on 100 for a week and then 150 the next week

anyway as you see I bumped up and down for quite awhile until I said "STOP"!!!!!!

I now have been at 50mgs for 8 weeks (they call this reinstating) and there has been some improvement but nothing like I was for those lovely 6 years of anxiety freedom

Now I am wondering do I up the dose to 100mgs and wait another 8 weeks?

Has anyone else been through this at all?

I also have not been able to work since Dec 2012 and agoraphobia has been a battle. I have severe GAD and mild depression

found out this week that I have an inflamed stomach lining (endoscopy) thank God no Cancer or ulcers but he biopsied for H-Pylori
I also found 4 weeks ago that I am gluten/cassein sensitive so have been GF free for a month

ok I have babbled long enough....please anyone who has any insight reply

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