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This week has been hell, I can barely get a deep satisfying breath in, I also have the constant urge to take a deep breathe in its like this hunger in my chest thats telling me to do it when I shouldn't Im currently rerunning all medical tests over again that I did in the past like chest x-ray, pulmonary tests etc, what other tests could I run, I didnt do allergy or throat checks anything like that, does anyone have anything to help with this? I am currently returning to my psychiatrist after 8 months of being "ok" anyone please?
Hey Nemm,
I don't take a prescription for this "thing" we go through but, I do pop an Ativan once in awhile to relax me. I have to admit that when I ignore it I don't have the urge. This may be TMI but here goes; one night I tried getting romantic with my husband (to his surprise I may add) just to test it out. At first I kept thinking about it but by the time things moved along, I did forget about the damn thing. However, as I type right now, I just tried to take a deep one. It's enough to drive me insane. I know I'm anxious this week as I have a cat-scan on Friday, this could be the reason why I'm having the issue this week. You are correct that when I breathe through my nose, it's much better and controlled. I'm very interested in this device, please let me know how it goes. I think I've done some damage to my ribs etc when I try to expand too much. Question for you now; I'm wondering what your psychiatrist had to say about this? Is it anxiety? Do you suffer from it? You see, I think that "everything" is wrong with me and every time one pain goes away after all the tests are done, I get another one and on to more tests. Please keep me updated, you're someone I can really relate to....thx and take care :)

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