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Please help me
May 4, 2013
Well my story started when i went to the Dr. because i had a headache with pressure in my right eye for 3 days. At that time i also had a stuffy nose. He prescribed me antibiotics, allegra and antihistamine. What bothered me was that during the visit he mentioned that he did not like the way my neck looked and asked if i had ever been tested for thyroid. He also went off about diabetes because of my weight. Anyway, after hearing "thyroid" i came home and started reading everything in sight in this regard. I became incredibly paranoid and now i start trying to diagnose myself. One thing led to another and i start reading everything from a cold to cancer. After 2 days of reading i suddenly start having what i think is lightheadedness because i dont actually feel like i lose balance but everything becomes a blur suddenly. Being the worry wort i am, now im reading all about aneurysms, brain tumors and cancer actually convincing myself that this is why i feel this way. I have aches in my shoulder blades now and pain under my arm. I barely have an appetite. I dont want to leave my bed and just dont even want to do little things for my children. Is it likely that i am suffering with some sort of anxiety or stress or depression due to the Dr. mentioning this test? Prior to this all i had was the eye pressure and cold, now i feel like pure crap. Now i feel every ache and pain. Please sympathize with me and just give me some feedback. I am scheduled for a CBC tomorrow but that will be another 2 weeks of torture waiting for results. Im just so confused because i have been through stress before and have suffered 2 panic/anxiety attacks last year for the first time ever but i never suffered with being lightheaded or dizziness, whatever it may be.

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