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May 6, 2013
i've been living with anxiety for as long as i can remember. sometimes it will be bad for a week or so but other times (like now) it gets unbearable, wake up terrified to face another day because i dont want to go through this again. spend EVERY SECOND of the day in worry, in fear, most of the time the fear i feel is fear of being afraid, and i know that makes no sense but i go through this anyway. when something big or small happens in my life to trigger the anxiety its almost impossible to stop it. even if the reason for the intial anxiety attack is worked out or goes away, my mind will then look for something else and then i live in constant FEAR constant WORRY. i've been on 10mg of Lexapro for a few years but since i can't take the anxiety this time i'm going to see my doctor (who is a general practitioner not a phychiatrist or psychologist) and i'm hoping he can help. if anyone can help with these feelings please reply. if you have a solution or anything.

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