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Hello all.
My name is Luciano and I am a 19 year old male from Columbus, OH. Lately I have been having some concerning issues, and/or really bad anxiety.

I have grown up mostly healthy my entire life but last month I was hospitalized because I had an episode where I couldn't speak and I was really dizzy. I was taken to the hospital and they did a CT scan which showed them my ventricular tubes appeared larger than normal. They told me that it could be causing fluid to be blocked up there and that the pressure from it could have been causing the headache and neurological symptoms. They also told me that it could be being blocked by a mass, which was most likely a brain tumor. I stayed in neuro that night so that I could have an MRI in the morning. My symptoms were long gone by then. The episode lasted a half hour.

I went for MRI in the morning and while waiting for results and the neurosurgeon, and neurologist they had me see a physical therapist. They tested me and turned out the physical tests went good. So that was a good sign. Turns out the MRI was clear and that everything looked fine. My ventricular tubes were larger just because that was how I was born. They didn't find anything abnormal so I ended up being diagnosed with complex headache, which often times mimics a stroke.

I went home and I was diagnosed with complex headache.

Fast forward a week and I was in the hospital again, this time for being sick. I went in the first time and they diagnosed me with an Upper respiratory infection. The pain was mild but worrisome. I felt like puking and they gave me Promethazine and Ibuprofen. That did little to help and the next day I was in again for even worse symptoms and a stiff neck. They tested me, nothing came up that was abnormal. They tested my blood to see for a bacterial infection. They were seeing if my white blood cell count was up and well it was normal. If it was up, then it meant there was a bacterial infection.

They diagnosed me with Pharyngitis at this point and had me on Amoxicillin, Promethazine (again) and Cyclobenzaprine (for the neck pain).

I ended up taking these meds for a bit and then discontinuing after I had no fever. It was low grade so it wasn't a big deal.

After that all I was suffering from was an occasional cough and dizziness.

So we get to now after about 2 weeks and basically I still feel dizzy. Today I feel weak but I tested it with my girlfriend and I am as strong as I usually am.
Last night I had really bad anxiety and it made the dizziness worse. Today I have been trembling following really bad anxiety which is normal for me. I used to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety in my teens. But the diagnosis has gone. Doing a lot better. Still am depressed and have anxiety, but like I said it's better.

I went to the doctor Wednesday and had a physical exam. Told doc about dizziness. Didn't seem concerned. I was having a feeling of pressure in my ear this entire time and thought maybe something was up with my ear. I told him and he asked what ear it was. So he checked it and said there was wax buildup. I had it flushed and after it was flushed he looked and seen that there was fluid in the ear. Nurse said the fluid causes disequilibrium. So that is what is making me feel dizzy. For the most part the dizziness has gone down.

I just want to know if the anxiety is making it worse, and I want to know what I should do. There wasn't a sign of ear infection by the way. He also said the fluid was probably left behind after I was sick.

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