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Yes. I had one very bad episode back in November and I totally FREAKED out and had my mother come pick me up from my apartment at 2 in the morning because I didn't know what was going on. I just woke up out of nowhere with a racing heart and shortness of breathe. (she has suffered from anxiety most of her adult life and so has my aunt and cousin).

Ever since that episode I have been paranoid.. I think I bring it upon myself sometimes too just because I experienced it that one time so I automatically think its going to happen again.

My anxiety got worse going into January.. different symptoms like headaches, racing heart, sweating for no reason, not being able to sleep at all.. and just plain out scared to death that any unusual feeling in my body was going to kill me.. and I have never been this way my whole life.

My attacks mostly happen at night though when I am alone in bed.. before I go to sleep. (My ex passed away in his sleep back in April and that has really messed with my head.) I got put on antidepressants to help with that.. I am doing better but still struggle and grieve best I can.

I hope to find a way to cope without any medications one day.. But I am thankful there are medications that do help with this struggle.

I would recommend seeing a doctor (my gynecologist helped me with all my issues.) And just explain what you are going thru, try something they may recommend and it may help you immensely.

I took xanax at first and it did not help me like klonopin did and I would take a lesser dose of that than the xanax.

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