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:eek::eek:Hi, I just wanted to share my story. We all have anxiety just some worse than others. In my case, I get panic attacks along with my anxiety. Wouldn't wish the physical feeling on anyone. Hot flashes, numbness feeling in my jaw, hands and feet tingle, faint feeling, trouble breathing, rapid heart beat, feel like I'm dieing in other words :/ I have been rushed to the ER with these symptoms just for them to give me a five thousand dollar hospital bill and tell me I'm fine :(.
I'm currently not on medication I believe our minds can over power many things including anxiety, It's a difficult thing to deal with.
I just had an attack last night, It comes out of nowhere, but when it does it is full force for me. It started at about 2am when I was going to bed, "well tried" to go to bed. I'm a smoker and I have been trying to quit, I was on my 8th day until the urges got so bad I started to dwell on it and I believe that's what triggered it. I felt all the symptoms I described above and it was coming in waves for about 6 hours :( I ended up going and getting a pack a smokes and in some weird way it kind of helped, it is a sad addiction. I ruled out going to the hospital because they will tell me the same thing so I came to the forums looking for a way out in my mind and it helped. I finally was able to fall asleep around 8am but the feelings are still lingering just not as bad. My last major panic attack I had lingered for about a week. I keep telling my self I will be fine. I really hope in some way this can help the reader as it did for me. Just want to reach out to people that have the same issue. Any helpful tips to deal with this without medication feel free to share. I have tons more I want to write but I want to keep it short...Stay strong :)

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