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Hey, I'm new and didnt know where to start, but I figured since these so called docs keep saying I have "anxiety" I figured I'll talk to people who really understand me.

First off, this all started when I hurt my neck,
Long story short, was working out my traps and popped my neck a little to far,
Well it popped alright and I felt something crack and lodge in my throat.
Went to er, everything fine they say,.
Few days later it all started.
I started feeling burning and liquid in my head went to er like 4 times for that and all kinds of, what they say to be compressed nerve issues, ct's with and without contrast,. Went on for about a month, finally went away for the most part, still get numbness and sharp pains and tingling, weird headaches, other weird pains all over head randomly??.
Did nerve tests went to pt, back to doc several meds non worked, they keep saying anxiety, because I was scared to death that I was gonna die cause I tore something in my neck and that I was gonna bleed in my head??that went on for about a month as well, couldn't sleep, only like 1 hr a day!! Everytime I tried to fall asleep it was like my heart would stop and I couldn't breath, then I would jump up in a full blown panic attack that would turn into " oh my gosh I'm having a heart attack!!". Ugh..
After that went away it was I can't breath or my heart or gonna have a stroke back to my heart then aneurism then somethin in my neck,.!! Ahh
That I chalked up that all that had to be 1 paranoia 2 bad anxiety and 3 hypocondria. Also lost 40lbs in the first 2 wks!! Man.. Now from that my body feels so different because I couldn't eat and wasn't sleeping now I'm mal nutritioned and have deficiency's, and now I get pains everywhere like, burning, strings of pain, numbness (any and everywhere) visual disturbances, floaters and wavy crap, muscle pains and soreness, eye always twitches and vision seems unable to stay focused, now for the mental part of it...
I always feel light headed, like I'm gonna pass out, foggy, irritated, on edge, feel like I'm not me or like in a dreamy state, dazed, always trying to remember how and when to breath, I always feel my heartbeat (any and everywhere).
Now I'm very sensetive to what I eat am always feeling anxious dont feel like I can work anymore,.. Also my neck always clicks when I move and I can feel and hear everything my body is doing all the time!! So annoying.
I hate going thru this and always am praying that one day I will wake up an this be gone or that I won't wake up at all I hate this so much!! I'm so fed up with one doc saying its bad anxiety another fibromyalgia,?? They also said that all this would go away after 3wks, it's been 6mths!! I don't have a life anymore can't play with kids feel mentally unstable and I feel depressed.
Also been going to a therapist for anxiety and mental problems?? Cause of this and dont know where to turn anymore or who to see.
All I know is that before i hurt myself I was perfectly normal after a mess and srry excuse for a life. I know all these feelings are real and they won't go away hard to say this is all anxiety? How the heck??
Please for the love of god somebody out there hear me !! Someone has to know how to stop this or fix it, I can't be the only one in this worlds existence to have this problem?? Please anybody out there have any information for me or tell me there's hope before its to late... Thx to anybody who reads this. I know it's long but I've read these types of thing before and always helps to feel a little better..

Maybe someday......

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