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Ever since I have started having anxiety, any odd feeling in my body automatically catches my attention, when in the past I would brush it off as nothing. Life was so much more enjoyable when I wasn't worrying about everything little dang thing.. ahhh

anyways-- I sometimes have a weird chest pain, it isn't like acid reflux or heart burn (I've always related that feeling more so to a burning in my chest). This pain in almost in the middle but slightly to the left near my breast, closer to the bone and at times (not very often) I will just feel a major shooting pain, which will subside but I will still have small pain linger for a while after. I am not sure if I am just thinking about it too much and making it stay longer because the fact I am thinking too much about it or if it is something I should be concerned with. I understand people say sometimes its a muscle spasm but it feels deeper in my chest to me. (I have read to much on google and freaked myself out, I am sure of it )

I would love to get an EKG done to ease my thoughts, I do believe it would make a lot of my anxiety issues calm down-- but 1 I have no insurance and cannot afford it I am sure. SO I feel so hopeless.

I am on Wellbutrin xl 300mg (bupoprion) once a day every morning and diethlypripion (sp?) every morning as well.. and birth control at night and .5 of klonopin if I feel the need for it (which has been every-night lately).

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