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Hope you all are doing well!

I haven't been on this site in almost 2 years I have been in great health but I have hit a rough path in my life and I need some advice and input.

About 3 weeks ago I came home from lifting. I'm 6 foot 230 and lift almost everyday I am 20 years old. It was brothers birthday so I felt great and it was like any other day. We finished his day and around 930 at night I was just sitting on the couch with my iPad and all of a sudden the room felt like it was spinning I was so dizzy and so afraid so I laid down. My body got so hot and my heart was pounding. This lasted about a minute but felt like forever the first thing that pops into my head was I was dieing having a heart attack so on. I drank some water and felt better but I still felt a little worried and dizzy and shaken. I decided to stop my pre workout shake of creating and nitric oxide and caffeine and back down on all caffeine since I get heart palpitations. The next day I felt I dizzy all day and shakes and that's where I am now. I cannot get that night out of my head where I almost passed out for no reason! I get panic attacks now thinking what's wrong with me. I am so afraid of that feeling happening again. My throat tightens I get a real warm sensation everything and I get really dizzy for like a split second and have to gather myself because I feel so woozy during these episodes I am so scared. I cannot even eat at the dinner table because I am afraid of the feelings I get during these attacks and I don't want to scare my family.

I went to the doctors and they treated me for anxiety. They really had o answer what caused my spell that one night. I do not think i was dehydrated or anything else.I had two attacks in the office and my blood pressure was 174 over 90 so they put me on blood pressure medicine which I am just going to start. My main question is what is wrong with me my parents think it is just anxiety and panic attacks but I am so worried I have a brAin tumor or something. I no my heart is fine since I have had a holter monitor and ultrasound and EKG when I had my heart problems. I am fine if my mind is off worrying like at work or working out or playing but once I am siting I feel dizzy and feel like I'm gunna faint and psych myself out I get hot and my ears get hot and my thrat tightens and then I think here we go. Whatever I do I cannot get the thought of that night out of my head! Pleae any help would be amazing.

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