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Being a mom of two kids is hectic in itself. You seldom have a moment to yourself much less have time to deal with anxiety. I can relate to not wanting to take the medication. I have a suitcase full of prescriptions that my primary care doctor was prescribing because he had no idea what was wrong with me. Deep inside me I knew that he was wrong and that I shouldn't take those medicines. I fired him and got another doctor that is more helpful and takes the time to understand me. I have made more progress with him than I have with any other doctor.

If you don't want to take the antidepressants, will you at least be willing to take a natural supplement? magnesium-L-threonate has helped many people who suffer from anxiety, dizziness and headaches. It also calms you down so that you are not so stressed. The nausea I think is from the nervousness that the anxiety causes you.

Please have a chat with your doctor and explain how hard it is to take the medicine. He may have other options for you. If you do need to take the medicine, would you be more comfortable with breaking one of the pills into crumbs and taking just a smidgen to see how you react to it? You can decide how small of a crumb to take. This might make it easier for you to take without getting nervous or getting more stressful about it.

I am medicine sensitive and if a medicine has any side effects, I usually will suffer from them. However, the method of breaking the medicine into crumbs has made it easier to take my medicine when I am unsure as to what it will do to me or if I am nervous about taking it. Once I feel comfortable with it, my anxiety about it subsides and then I am OK with taking it. Or if there are side effects, it gives my body time to get used to it so the side effects are minimal.

You really, really need to feel better. If not for yourself, then for your kids. You have been like this for years and the fact that you are here is good because it means that you are ready to do something about it. You can beat this thing and we are here to help you through it.

Always remember that we know what you are going through. Me for example, I lost count of how many times I had to pull off the road because my anxiety and panic attacks were so bad that I could not get to work so I had to turn around. Or of freaking out each time I had a doctor's appointment because I was afraid of what they were going to find. I always imagined the worst (cancer, AIDS, etc) so by the time I got to the doctor I was in full panic mode. Good luck my friend!

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