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Hi I was hoping to share my story and hopfully inspire some one out Thereee (",)

I lost my Father in 2012 ,from Motor Neuron deseace,its an awefull deseace that breaks down the msg to your neuron ,there are no know cure,you basicly lose all muscles on your bone and become paralised.

I was 26 when we heard about the illness,not to bad as all my dad was complaining about was that hes hands felt numb ,that numbness quicly spread,In my mind I could never lose my father (if this makes sence)him dying was just not an option for my mind to cosider.

The day he passed away .me and my brother tried to revive him at home ,when I learned he passed ,a feeling came over me,that I would never BE able to explain,I would NEVER be the same after that day.

At the time me and my Girl friend were back in South -Africa My drinking habits were agresive well,I never like alcohol so I drank it clean or the strongest to get smashed.

So I felt a heap of emotions ,but the ones that stuck were a visious Anxiety feeling 24/7 I had weird thoughts of death,life ,how it all works,to consentrating on my breathing for every breath for more that a year,and monotoring my heart ,how it pouns acc,things that should come naturaly.

We went to see the EAGLES live in CPT drove with my fathers car,we all play guitar,and grew up on the music,this was one of the sadest things to see my father at his end not being able to play for almost a year and a half.

One of my first steps was to find out were my father went,Naturaly I could get this info at the church,I started crawling in the word of the Lord (not an easy ride ,Had some of my worst axiety in church)but went on.

I came to a point were the anxiety paralized me,even when trying to get answers fro Jesus.

I went to see the doctor he gave me a tablet called Cilift for anxiety(SCARY STUFF,at this point I was drinking pills ,I thought this is the begining of a tumbling road,but being sooo paralized by the anxiety I was willing to try ANYTHING!!

started my cicle (deffinitly not a mericle pill)took me about 4 months just to feel some weight drop from me shoulders,I am almost 6 months in now,and with my speritual adjustment to life and these pills I am feeling SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO>>>>>>much better ,I rearly have anxiety I can calm my self when needed.


1)Arnica Oil in my bath(I used to use alot of it as it calms your body and used to put it on my chest because i had bad bad chest pains)

2)The pill I got from the doctor was the turing point REALY in enabled me to function every day a little more and a little more

there is no easy way ,there is no patern or signs,no one gets anxious the same why?axiety is a fear of the un known (make the unknown -KNOWN.

if your afraid (I was of death) Find out and get to the route of the fear.

If theres more fears,take em 1 by one.

If you dont believe in Jesus,IT WILL BE A HARD road,and your mind wont be able to make sense or puzzle all the pieces together.

GOOD LUCK (and dam you anxiety hahaha)

Tips that really worked for me:[/U]

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