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*My first post!*
Your symptoms are precisely those which I have suffered so often since my first major episode in 1976.
There is not really any alternative to medications for nausea; cyclizine acts best for me and can be bought without prescription.
Yes, it is said that there is always a 'trigger' for a panic attack. In 90% of cases, this is found; however I belong to that minority who are in the awful position of never having my trigger identified.
Many of the fellow-sufferers I have spoken to have found that the cognitive-behavioural therapeutic method of Moodjuice (whose booklets I think can be downloaded - you'd have to Google that to find out) has been of enormous help, and a lot of the Moodjuice Anxiety and Panic leaflets have been useful to me.
You may benefit from carrying always something that will help to stop an attack within minutes. I recommend either 2.5mg lorazepam or 2mg alprazolam, the fastest acting of any such medicines and both strong enough to deal with the vast majority of attacks. Taking them sublingually - allowing them to dissolve under the tongue to be absorbed immediately into the bloodstream via the oorral mucosa and the mass of capillaries there - is the way to achieve by far the fastest onset of action; whereas by swallowing these two medicines both act in a very rapid 10 minutes or so, reaching peak levels in an hour, the sublingual route can stop one of my attacks within only two or three minutes!
I have been taking a prophylactic for many years, which is taken mostly to prevent seizures (I am also epileptic) but which has powerful preventative effect on panic. This is clonazepam, 2mg three times daily, however nowadays it is recognised as being dreadfully addictive and would only be given in the long term if the condition was really serious and chronic. If your episodes are generally as you describe and aren't happening every day or two, then the medicines I note above should be enough to stop your distress, and believe me, I know only too well how bad it can be, thinking your death is imminent, your heart is giving out, you can't draw a breath etc.
I wish you luck in finding your trigger, and all the best in dealing with this cursed affliction. I hope those leaflets & booklets can be downloaded, they are so helpful.

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