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(I believe Health Canada banned Kava more than ten years ago due to concerns over a few liver toxicity related deaths; and we do need a healthy liver to survive.)

SJW's pretty good for depression symptoms (I was on it for ten years), I've read in several places where it's not intended for anxiety.

A med specifically for anxiety, Buspirone, worked well for me (during a one year period that ended a couple of months' ago). Took a bit of experimenting to arrive at the dose that worked well for me (7.5 mg 2x/day), and was tough to wean myself off of it (took six weeks of gradually tapering off / alternating with caffeine before dropping to another lower level).

Some non-med approaches:

- Healthy eating/drinking (especially: avoid sugars, low fiber carbs, coffee but tea is ok if your condition's not too bad; I drink six cups of green tea daily, except on rare occasions when I'm having coping problems);
- good activity level preferrably involving some decent walking time.
- Quiet periods, even meditation breaks where you try to 'zone out' and clear your mind for 15-30 minutes at a time each day.
- "Don't go there" when troublesome thoughts threaten to become excessive.
- Typically 'over thinking' is an issue, retraining yourself to 'just do stuff' without dwelling on it ahead of time can be very helpful I've found.
- if you're prone to panic attacks, have a paper bag handy (some carbon dioxide buildup will settle your breathing down and away from 'panic breathing' which will excite you); (knowing this earlier would have saved me a couple of trips to the E.R. thinking I was having heart attacks)


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