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A few months ago I started feeling my heart go thud really hard and then in would pause which was horrid to feel, I didnt know what it was at first and must have panicked, went to the after hours, felt like I was losing control, i was tingling, felt like I was going to pass out, sweaty hands and weird pains all over my body I thought I was going to have a heart attack ( idnt help my mum had one at 42 ) my BP was high my HR was 180, I had an ecg which showed I was having PVC's and was tachy but ok. My thyroid was checked and everything else appeared fine, I was soooo tired for a few days after this, had a few more episodes and the same results, I went onto have a few panic attacks at work which was soooooo embarrassing, but they were so good. I ended up having a really bad attack where the pvc;s were constant and I felt like I was going to pass out my poor daughter rung as ambulance and I was having constant PVC's on the monitor so they took me to hospital once again I went into panic mode, the doctor came and talked to me and said when I had my attack I was having ventricular trigeminy ( PVC every third beat). And they were worried but if I have more attacks like that then to come back. That wasnt helpful as I still new nothing about it, and I was having attacks all the time,...anyway seen my doc who was going to ask a cardiologist if I needed to be seen but ive heard nothing, this has fully taken over my life and I hate it, I have learnt to control it a bit, I breath into a little scarf that has lavender on it, and i tried having a few massages etc as I'm always tense, i find my hand gripping tight onto my waist all the time and I didnt even realise and I fidget alot. MY doctor has given my diazepam and I take a 2 mg tablet if i feel like its its getting worse sometimes i take these twice a day and Im on a very small dose of quetiapine at night, Im starting to feel really depressed as it comes out of know where. I think its stressed related Im in CHCH New Zealand and we have had a tough couple of years with constant eqs and life is busy and hard and I think its all just catching up on me. I take magnesium already as I get a eye twitches when Im run down, but I really dont want to be on my meds... my one enjoyment in life is relaxing and having a wine and I cant due to the Quetiapine so Im looking into some more natural alternatives, I have cut back my coffee and cant really eat much sugar as my pvcs start, Im soooo tired all the time and Im starting to wonder if I will ever feel better has anyone been through anything similar and come out the other side??? today I had a good day but then tonight the pvc's have started and my heart feels like it flutters and Im so over it ( Im 32 :(

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