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Hey Keegan,

Sorry to hear about your attacks. I went through the exact same thing you did about 4 years ago. I was at the gym and left early because I did not feel right. I felt dizzy, short of breath and light headed. As I was driving home, I got stuck behind a bus. The bus was not moving as it was letting people on and off and sat through an entire traffic light. For some reason, I became very irritated and the thing I knew, I was having a full blown attack (my first one). I felt like I was having a heart attack. My heart rate was sky high. My legs and arms went numb. I felt the life draining from me and I honestly thought I was going to die in my car, stuck behind a bus. Long story short, I called 911. I went to the hospital where everything checked out fine.

Ever since that attack, I have been on anti-anxiety meds. I'm still trying to find the right one that works best for me as I still suffer daily. I would encourage you to continue with Lexapro. It can actually make your anxiety worse before it gets better but don't quit. Give it time to work. It may take several weeks if not several months for you to feel the effects.

Take comfort in knowing that your symptoms are very common of anxiety. Almost everyone on this board would probably agree. While it does suck, there is a good chance you will get better and learn to live with having anxiety in your life.

I wish you well.....

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