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Hi I'm Keegan. I'm a 20 year old male college student and I just started getting anxiety attacks last december. I have never had anxiety attacks before but I've always been a worry wart. The first one was when I was driving to the store with a friend of mine. It was midnight and I had just gotten off work. Half way to the store I started to feel weird. Like something wasn't right. Then I got a feeling of impending doom and like I was going to pass out and die. My heart started racing and I told my friend that I felt sick and I needed to pull over. I had him call paramedics cause I thought I was having a heart attack or a stroke and had never experienced anything like it before. Luckily he is a med student so he was very calm with me. The paramedics came and took my blood pressure and said it was normal. They asked if I was on drugs and just made me feel crazy. I had called my mom and said that I loved her and thought that I might die. I told her the situation and she said I was probably just having an anxiety attack. That was actually kind of comforting cause I never took anxiety into consideration. I didn't even really know what an anxiety attack was. That night and the next few days I had constant anxiety attacks until I was able to finally control it a little. Now I still have anxiety and the have been diagnosed with general anxiety cause the past few months I have been kind of in denial that its anxiety I'm having. I had been thinking that I had a brain tumor or something but everyone has been convincing me that it is just anxiety. I can't afford an mri. I don't have insurance. I have only had a couple anxiety attacks since the first ones but in the time that I haven't had attacks, I have still been having general anxiety. I have been thinking about it constantly. I have good days and bad days. usually I will have a couple weeks where I'm fine and then a few days where I'm not. I'll have days where I feel light headed and dizzy all day and am thinking, "am I going to have an anxiety attack today?" or "what's wrong with me? Is this really anxiety?" But I know that it is anxiety. I was proscribed lexapro from my doctor. I haven't been wanting to take pills cause I've heard bad things about them but my aunt who has anxiety/depression convinced me that It would be ok. She has been taking pills for years and has only had minimal problems. So I started 2 days ago. The first day I was fine. I feel like I felt them though but I'm not sure if thats just me thinking about it. I had work that day and was fine. Yesterday though, I had work as well and 10 minutes into working I started to have a bad anxiety attack. I work at buffalo wild wings. Its a big sports bar with lots of people and tv's and very lout music. All of this is very stressful for me. I hate working there but can't afford not to. My attack started with me feeling lightheaded/dizzy and then I got a weird burning sensation that started in my head and went down my body and even into my throat and tongue. I told my boss that I had to leave because I was having a bad anxiety attack. I don't think he knows what that is so he seemed confused but he let me go anyways. I hadn't eaten much that day either. I went home and relaxed and I was ok but I was embarrassed and still lightheaded. I also felt very exhausted. I'm on day three of the pills today and hoping that I will be ok today. I just want my anxiety to go away. Sometimes I don't even know why I have the attacks. It sucks :/

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