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I'm 55, almost 56 and last period was in December.

At the moment I feel I can't breathe,having palpitations on waking and feel as though I'm jumping out of the bed with my heartbeat.

I have tried and tried to do relaxation when waking, anticipating all this makes it worse. I have (probably) got a sinus problem as I swim a lot so have maddening ringing in the ears all the time.

Confidence is gone right out of the window, I am worrying I will always feel like this.

Forcing myself to do almost EVERYTHING and feel like every movement is thought about. I want to crawl into bed and never get up or wash or do anything again until it's all over.

We're due to go on holiday in 2 weeks which I WAS looking forward to but can't face the thought of being like this while away too.

I'm on anti depressants and was on anti psychotics but came off with the fear of bad side effects and I put on a stone last time I was on them.

Everything makes me jump and can't stand to watch TV too long or listen to non music on the radio. My mind is racing all the time driving me mad.

One of my sisters is 52 and dying from lung/brain cancer so obviously that sent me off a bit at first a few months ago.

I worry everyone around me is going to think I'm mad and I don't want to be a burden.I've lost interest in almost everything, I was into photography but even the camera feels heavy to even pick up.

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