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Here's a very brief summary of my symptoms:
* tingling/numbness/burning in hands and feet
* memory loss/problems with thought process..cant remember how to fold a shirt.. insisting "cat" is spelled "TAC" + many other examples
* blacked out while driving once..a month ago
* headaches..some very short and intense
* recent instances of double vision
* constipation or diahhrea..rarely in between
* fatigue
* can never get enough sleep..have sleep apnea, but CPAP machine has never helped
* sore, stiff
* twitching & jumping...during sleep and also during the day
* dizziness, sometimes while walking (not just during initial movement)
* head pressure
* mind spinning..struggling to get a thought..ANY thought to come into my brain--lasts about 5 seconds

Hello..thanks so much for lymes disease,thyroid and b12 were all normal so i was sent for a 5hr neuropsychological testing session. Testing went ok.. tested mildly impaired on just 1 or 2 tests..did have one test where i had double vision in "negative" words showing double..shifted down one line but not in white and then the words would jump up a line.. it lasted for about five minutes

psychologist indicated my problems may be from medication, that i might want to have an "invoked response test" or that from the 567 question psych test i took that i am experiencing quite a bit of anxiety & that might be causing some of my symptoms and that i might want to consider anxiety meds.

Someone that I know has mentioned that maybe I should look into the symptoms of MS..I've done a little digging and I do exhibit almost every symptom except lesions on an MRI..I have found that in about 5% of cases, no lesions are present.

I don't know..this is so frustrating. I am going to look further into one of the medications that I take..Lamictal..I've found that about 2% of Lamictal users experience memory loss..even after taking it for over 10 years (like me)

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