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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this board.. and have been reading quite a bit about issues people are having with meds and ailments and things like that.. Its good to see there's a place everyone can come together and share their experiences like this!

Anyway, ill get right down to business issue i am dealing with is anxiety that causes heart palps.. All of my trouble started about 6 months ago April 2013.. when i had a terrible panic attack while working out at the gym. The gym is nothing new for me, I have been an avid weightlifter/powerlifter/Runner for a solid 19 years- I am 39 now. I do believe that this panic attack was due to just too many pre-workout supplements loaded with stimulants and never giving my CNS a break.

So I figured this was probably just some fluke and I had just had a bad day.. Turns out i made myself into an anxiety machine for the next 3 months after that never wanting to be social and just wanted to stay home because I felt as if my heart was going to explode out of my chest with palpitations at the site of any confrontation.

The first day after this happened i woke up with palps that seemed to want vengeance for something... I thought oh my god this is a heart problem! i got up and drove to an immediate care clinic.. they ran tests EKG and all clear... i returned a week later to my primary care DR. he ran more tests.. listened for abnormality everything clear and gave me .25mg of xanax that seemed to really help.. so this little ordeal lasted 3months and in the middle of the 3 month period i had a bad anxiety attack and drove to ER this time.. they did xrays, EKG, and no sign of any heart abnormality or issue.. In my head when I was reassured with this I was good to go and over this.

So the journey begins again when about 2 weeks ago I felt kind of the same as I did with my initial episode 6months ago just not as extreme. I have to say I have not consumed caffeine except once or twice. The morning I just had a green tea and went to workout, I felt as if i was going to pass out at the gym.. I went to the ER again! they ran tests, EKG, Xray, they almost seemed like they wanted to laugh and say maybe your crazy?! I followed up with my primary care DR and of course i was having one of episodes, Blood pressure was 150/90 he ran EKG and bloodwork, and said not a heart problem but I seem to be producing a lot of adrenaline which is causing my heart to pound he gave me what I found to be later after doing some reading a :Beta Blocker. Metroprolol .25mg to be exact.

So he prescribed this to me last week Tuesday 10/29, i was hesitant to fill the prescriptions after reading what these things do.. So the next day Wednesday morning I woke up again with palps I just walked it off and toughed it out but filled the prescription that night. Thursday the same thing happened so I had the prescription filled I took one of the .25 pills as instructed (prescription is to take 1x.25mg a day) around noon.. I felt extremely dizzy and brain fog for about the first 7 seven hours like wow not bad.. then around 7ish i started feeling pains in my chest, breathlessness and like a complete vegetable and that night i could not sleep and had really bad nightmares.. I said to myself maybe just a first reaction, I took another Friday about the same time around noon.. this time not so much the dizziness , but all kinds of weird pains in my body all over and heartburn especially when i went to bed that night , I just coudnt sleep so i took a xanax also prescribed by doc- that night i said to myself i will be firing my DR and finding another solution because there's no way i could feel like that for even one another day, not even one. I would rather feel like myself.. I finally fell asleep around 6 am this morning I woke up around noon.. I did have palps from around noon to about 2pm at which time i walked and walked and walked did some breathing exercises, pushups, drank chamomile, and hawthorne tea and the palps subsided.. anyone else going through this type of ordeal if so I would love to hear your experiences

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