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Hi I know where you are coming from..I get the same exact feelings.
I have suffered from anxiety for almost 6 years now. I also have kids
The feeling in my head comes and goes and triggers me to have an anxiety attack
Very hard to discribe almost like a wave in my head.makes me feel
Like I'm going to faint. Is yours the same feeling ? I'm so bad I have really
Bad neck tension. Iv had ekgs , echo, stress test , blood work. .cat scan of my head
Chest xray.everything comes back normal.. I won't take meds for anxiety
Took it once lexapro for 20 something made me feel so weird and
Out of place. .I decided to go off of it. And that was in 08 . I have ativan that
I take for really bad attacks. So the head sensations and all the other hundred
Symtoms I get are all from it. Let me know if you are feeling what I feel
Hey. Its really hard at times. That out of place feeling is really scary I get it all the time
Just had it before I sent you the mesg. I have been tring to handle the anxiety
Without meds. I hate meds for anxiety used it once and hated it
But that's my thought on it. I wake up tired all the time. My neck tension has been
So bad that is causing me headachs . This past week my left arm has been feeling numb and kinda week. That's scaring me now..have you had anything like that ?
I hope we get better for our kids !

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