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Anxiety or Tumor?
Nov 22, 2013
Hello I am new to the Health Boards and would like some opinions on what my might be going on with my health.

I have had anxiety all of my life. I remember my parents taking me to the hospital at 5 because I had an extreem fast paced heartbeat. After a few more visits and some tests the doctors concluded that I had anxiety.
Over the course of my life I have worried over many diseases however none have been so scary as rhe diseases I thought that I have had recently.

In September of 2010 I began to notice my left arm was always tingly from elbow to hand. I began to search symotoms online and my body went haywire from there. I began ro have widespread muscle twitching and major panic attacks. I saw a neuro who performed a full EMG. The results were clean and didn't show any abnormalities. The neuro suggested I see a psychiatrist. I did and he put me on Lexapro and Klonopin to treat both anxiety and depression. I stayed on the meds for abour 6 months and then weaned off of them.

Now about 6 weeks ago I began to not feel well. Lack of energy and just feeling blah. One night I was sitting down either browsing the internet on my phone or watching TV and I got the shaarp pain in my right eye. I began to panic over it an over the course of the last few weeks both eyes have began to hurt with a dull ache that seems to come from the top of the eyeball and behind them. Also I had some pain above my eyebrows and in my temples.I have bouts throughout the day with head pressure in forehead bridge of nose and ears. I went to the doctor on October 31st with my ailments and he did a brief neuro exam and told me he believed that this is a sinus problem. I have had no congestion. He gave me an antibiotic but it didn't work. He then sent me to the eye doctor yesterday who did an eye exam and my vision has not changed. I wear glasses and he said just to continue to wear them and try some Affrin nose spray in addition to the allegra D I already have been taking. He said that the kind of pain i am having is usually attributed to sinus iasues. He wants me to come back for a peripheral vision test. He said to give these things a few days and then maybe order prescription nasal spray. He checked my eye pressure and everything was normal and also said my optic nerves were flat and healthy.

My headaches have for the most part subsided but I have been getting random pains all over my head and small twinges of pain on my ear drums and around my temples And stiIl have pressure in my eyes and ears. I have become very nervous over a brain tumor with these symptoms. My doctor did not want to order a head scan :(

Do these symptoms sound like a brain tumor, anxiety, or sinus issue? Has anyone else had similar or the same symptoms? Any feedback would be very appreciated. Thanks for reading my lengthy post :)

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