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Hello Everyone! I was diagnosed with panic disorder back in 2004 after a debilitating battle that lasted several months. I also had another flair up after a major life change in 2006, but beyond those 2 episodes my anxiety is generally controlled by a daily dose of Lexapro and the occasional Xanax as needed.

That was until this past Saturday. It was my birthday, I was at work and a co-worker's wife made a crockpot of pumpkin chili as a birthday dinner. About 30 min after consuming it, I had a SEVERE allergic reaction-stomach pains, flushing of face, hands red and swelling. (This was the first time anything this severe has happened) I immediately took 2 benedryl and continued to try to slowly sip water to ensure my airway was still open. After about 10 min, I looked in the bathroom mirror again and my face was bright red, I was breaking out in hives across my chest and back, and my hands were so swollen I could barely close them. At this point we called the ambulance and medics. I was taken to the hospital on Oxygen and given an injection of Epi while en route. Once the Epi hit my system, things began to calm down and they gave me Prednisone at the hospital to also aide with the reaction. I was observed for about 2 hours with no further symptoms, given some Rx for prednisone and Epi pens and sent home.

I consulted with an allergist on Monday who scheduled me for allergy testing right before Xmas. She however does not believe it was something in the chili, as I have had all the ingredients before, but rather a dose of Ceftin antibiotics I also took that night. I am not sure about that either as I just took Ceftin a month ago with no problems.

I was very restless Sat night thru Monday night while on the Prednisone, and overnight Monday things got very bad and I had to start taking Xanax. 2 .25mg by Tuesday am seemed to calm things down. I consulted with the Urgent Care in the area-they said Prednisone is some nasty stuff and as it wained out of my system, the anxiety should calm down.

Well, it hasnt. I wasnt took bad on Wednesday but Thursday night I was at work and I was a total nutcase. I had to take 3 .25 Xanax, which is still a minimal dose, but is more than I've ever had to take in the past 10 years. I came home and slept for like 13 hours, but once I got up tonight, I was again anxious and had to pop 2 more within about 1.5 hours of each other and even with them in my system for over 3 hours now, as well as my Lexapro (which I've also upped even though that will take time to kick in) I still have severe anxiety as well.

So basically I just needed to vent but I also was wondering if anything similar has happened to anyone else after an allergic reaction. I actually called another allergist and they are gonna bring me in Monday afternoon to do testing as opposed to waiting for however many weeks, but I still am a nervous wreck. Everything I eat I am paranoid about. I can't take my Claritin for seasonal allergies until I'm done with the tests so my congestion is and I also have a killer sinus headache. Normally my anxiety symptoms in the past have included inability to focus, numbness, chest pains, dry mouth, sweating etc. but these attacks are different. My stomach is just a mess. I feel like there is so much pressure on my sinuses like someone is squeezing my nose closed and while I'm breathing just fine, I feel like someone is squeezing or stepping on my throat. I've also had this like cold burning throughout my body-like someone rubbed icy hot on me.

Hoping this passes soon :-(

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