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Hello board! Newbie here, but this site seems like a good resource for me at this time. I am really struggling, so I want to throw all this out here to get some opinion and affirmation on.

I'll start with a little background. I was initially placed on Paxil when I was in 5th grade for social anxiety (age 11, 2001ish.) It worked well, and I stayed on it up through my senior year in HS. The summer after my Sr. Year (2009) I was dealt a bit of a blow. I was planning on going into training but when I went to obtain my medical cert for said training, I was denied due to me being on Paxil. At the time, I thought I could just quit it cold turkey, after all, I had outgrown my shyness/social anxiety. Well, I did just that, and 5 ugly months later, I was right back on it. I faced severe ocd and depression during that time, though no SA (even during my freshman year in college! Lol.)

Well, I remained on the Paxil from 2010 to summer of 2013, when I began to feel that a new SSRI could help me better.I wasn't really emotionally depressed, but physically was from work/school stress. Any who, my mother had successfully made the switch from Paxil to Lexapro a few months earlier (w/ help of a great psychiatrist), so I thought I would follow suit (same DNA, I thought.) I met with my GP, and told her what I wanted to do. Well, she put me on 10mg Lexapro and had me wean Paxil for 2 weeks (20, 10, none.) I knew I'd have to go slower than this, so I did. However, the time came to refill Paxil for more weaning, and my GP would refuse to refill!!! So, cold turkey from 10mg Paxil to 10mg Lexapro I went.

I was just starting my semester (this past mid-September), and felt lesser side effects of vision, sleepiness, and mild bouts of brain fog. Well, fast forward 1.5 months to Halloween. My symptoms got SO much worse, anxiety shot through the roof. At the time, my car had a hole in the exhaust, and my ocd convinced me of CO poisoning. Panic attacks followed, and I spent the weekend with xanax by my side. I met my GP the following Monday, and she upped me to 20mg. It helped the anxiety, but I slept the whole time. After a week, I cut it down to 15mg.

I finally met with a good psychiatrist, last week. We agreed to put me back on Paxil, as I can always try a better taper/switch later. Well, this past Tuesday, I felt as if I was going to die. I had my car fixed, so I thought. I drove to school, fell asleep in classes, and then called my mother, knowing something was "off." Well, my speech was slurred, had coord issues, severe fatigue, and heavy brain fog. Mom took me to the ER, where blood tests revealed low level CO exposure (1.7) and eosinophilia. So, I ditched the old car, and am here before you all today, lol.

So, now that I gave you all my bio (sorry, haha), here's my current situation and symptoms...

Severe Brain Fog/Derealization
Trouble Typing
Don't feel like it's me when I'm talking or acting
Coordination/Fine Motor Skill Issues
Speech Issues
Loss of Motivation
Just don't feel like myself.

Since seeing my psych, I am back on 20mg Paxil, and went from 15mg Lexapro, to 10, and this week to 5. Here's the schedule up to now...

Early September - Paxil 10mg / Lexapro 10mg
Mid-September - Lexapro 10mg
Late October - Lexapro 20mg
Mid-November - Lexapro 15mg
November 19th-26th - Paxil 20mg / Lexapro 10mg
November 26th - 28th - Paxil 20mg /Lexapro 5mg
November 29th - Today - Paxil 20mg

So, with all that said, will I feel better back on only the Paxil after some time? Are the motor-skills/speech/fog just due to all the med stuff and not brain damage? Will my ocd over thinking I have brain damage from limited CO cease? I've always been sharp as a tack and very coordinated, this is scary. Yeesh. I just need some affirmation and support. Thanks a lot, group!

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