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hi, I just joined and hope some can help me or at least listen to me. I am an older lady in my mid 50s...My life has been awful for the last 3 years. I lost my job that I loved. I went thru divorce then my ex husband died of a heart attack several months after our divorce and my boyfriend that I did have broke up with me. Since that time I haven't been able to maintain any meaningful love relationship, haven't found a job that was as meaningful or paid what I used to get. Ha ha I don't even make 10.00 an hour and have to fight for every extra hour I can get. I don't even clear 300.00 a week most the time. I try to remember I have food, a warm place to sleep and a job.
physically I have all the negative things go on...the rapid heart beat, the loose stools, the hot and cold flashes, the indigestion, the sleeping and waking up all the time during the night.
But what I cannot seem to figure out is that I have been eating a lot of sugars and bad carbs....A lot of junk food because it is just easier.
I have run into a lot of friends and even some family members I haven;'t seen and they were amazed at my weight loss...I didn't understand it but I guess I have dropped what some people would call a lot of weight. People think I am ill and I have even dropped a shoe size. This is alarming for me because the way I am eating I am surprised I haven't gone the other way and gained weight. Has anyone else gone thru this. This doesn't bother me as much as my rapid heart beat...Sometimes I get scared. Sometimes i think I am going to die

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