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Bless your heart...Let me first say I'm so sorry for your loss. That would cause anxiety even if it did not already exist. As for the puppy...It REALLY won't get better IMO. They grow bigger and stronger as does their ability to destroy=( I speak from the heart, as the owner of 2 dogs who, though phenomenally gorgeous and smart enough to know better, are still destructive. They are 6+ years old and have yet to grow out of the "puppy" stage=)

New pups are hard to deal with under normal circumstances. You are going through some physical and emotional changes that can cause a chemical imbalance, too. I know your nerves are frayed, sweetie. I don't know what to tell you about your pup. I love mine but I wish I'd never met them. It's been TOO HARD for TOO LONG. Good luck=)

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