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Where do I begin.
I'm a 22 y/o Male, I've always been fit and healthy, played tons of sport growing up and kept a very active lifestyle. Since about August 2012 I've had problems with acid reflux as well as a vicious cycle type anxiety about my problems and having no answer/treatment. I don't know if this was an initial trigger for everything else that followed, but I had a pretty bad one off panic attack one day when it felt like there was trapped air in my throat and I couldn't relieve it, i'd also been eating alot that day and felt very sluggish like nothing was moving through and my mind got the better of me. After that I slowly noticed I'd almost force regurgitation after eating almost as a coping mechanism to make sure nothing was going to get stuck etc (don't ask me why) and I developed acid reflux after basically anything I ate. I was still able to eat anything and felt comfortable except alcohol left me with this feeling of trapped burps and built up pressure in my chest/throat. Doctors prescribed me nexium (and I've had other ppi's that followed eg somac) which had some sort of adverse effect which made me get a huge lump sensation in my throat after my first meal of the day after taking the tablet. It's almost like I have all this gas I need to burp but for some reason when taking ppi's it builds up and does not want to come out. This made me very anxious and uncomfortable. I had an endoscopy, showed signs of errosive eosophegitis, took zantac for about a year (with stages of taking motilium with it as well) (still had acid reflux around lunchtime each day) had a second endoscopy and cleared it up. I also have been treated for h.pylori which I was able to get rid of. I havent taken any type of acid reflux medication for the last 9 months, just iberogast (which has had little to no effect for me). As well as my 2 endoscopies I've had a barium swallow, a short sanactan, ct scan of my abdomen, an ultrasound, blood tests, you name it i've pretty much had it. I've seen doctors, gastroenterologists, naturopaths. I don't really get too much acid reflux anymore which is great (i still get it from time to time) but it almost feels like the acid reflux has been replaced with other problems, like feeling full very easily, my stomach taking a long time to empty, I can't eat large meals anymore, my burps get trapped and build up pressure in my throat/chest, my diet is very restricted. I also have these 'phases' where for a few days it feels like my digestive system just shuts down, I can barely eat because I feel full/have a strong lump sensation in my throat and feel full of wind/gas. Then it's just like it flicks a switch and I'm able to eat a bit more again for a few days. I've tried the fodmaps diet, I've tried cutting gluten and dairy etc but it feels like food isn't the culprit. It basically feels mechanical like there's something wrong with how my whole digestive system is working. Because no one has found anything wrong, my doctor has basically put it down to anxiety and stress, which I feel could be true to an extent, but i find it hard to get my head around especially because I'm not sure if my anxiety is caused by these symptoms and sensations, or because these symptoms are causing my anxiety. Another thing to point out is physical activity seems to worsen my symptoms but I do try lift weights a few days a week to build myself up considering I've lost close to 15kg in the last year and a bit. I'm 188cm and used to weigh around 80kg when I was going to gym religiously, but after going through all this and having days where I'd literally eat 2 muesli bars all day (one at brekky and one for dinner) I'm now about 65kg. I don't tolerate fruit very well and I've even regurgitated some fruits/veges/nuts up to 9 hours after consuming them. My head is all over the shop with what's going on. A naturopath has told me about SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) and is convinced this is my problem. However, I'm not entirely sure. If anyone has anything to add please feel free.

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