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I've also gone through sleep paralysis fully twice, once robbing me of sleep for two days and the other time just mildly freaking me out. I'm also not currently on any medication, so knock that off the list.

Now though, a few years after the sleep paralysis and several months after the anxiety attacks, a good amount of the time when I try to take naps or (less often) try to sleep on my normal schedule..

Whenever I stay still for a long period of time about to doze off, I start to feel.. dread, maybe? Like I feel pressure and supposed heat in my chest and stomach and like my breathing isn't working right. I remember feeling a slight tingling/numb sensation whenever it happens, but it doesn't quite feel like full sleep paralysis that I remember.. I sometimes get a faint ringing in my ears but not often.

Once I break out of the "spell" with relative ease it goes away, but it's unsettling and extremely uncomfortable. I don't have any worried/concerned thoughts about my day that's making this happen. By this time my mind is mostly shut off ready to fall asleep before I get too scared to allow myself to fall asleep and have to re-position myself. Often times when it happens, it happens consecutively and I sometimes will end up giving up trying to sleep because it's so frustrating.

It's really hard to describe but.. does anyone have any similar experiences? Is this just a mild form of sleep paralysis or something..? (I know SP is normal, but not the waking kind)

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