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If being treated for depression alone and you want a newer med that may be less serotonergic I prefer citolopram or sertraline from the ssri group or venlafaxine or duloxetine from the snri group but for anxiety and depression I prefer older tca meds like amitriptyline, desipramine, doxepin, nortriptyline as they have a larger less selective effect on brain amines are easier to get off and if not contraindicated by heart disease are easier to get on. For most people using a benzo to wean onto a antidepressant helps and for those with just anxiety they work well alone or with an ad med. All of these drugs cause dependency and for some are difficult to stop if they can ever be stopped. The best drug is the one that works is well tolerated and very often takes trial and error. There are some newer meds but they are pretty much old drugs in new clothing that cost more. For complex depression one can add novel antipsychotics with close monitoring, for depression without anxiety buproprion is a great med but highly stimulating, people with anxiety would need really hefty benzo doses to tolerate it but for some it works well. You will need to wean off prozac and it takes awhile because of its long half life so as your doc weans you off over a month or so ask him about giving you some lorazepam or alprazolam or diazepam in sufficient enough dose to abate some discontinuation symptoms and while you wean on to another ad med. If he is good he can tailor a cross wean off and wean on if he isn't he will have you go off the proazac let it was out for a few weeks and then wean you onto another ad med.

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