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My Symptoms
Jan 31, 2014
Hi everyone, I'm new here but just wanted to give you a background on my issues. To make a long story short, I am a 39 yo male who has a good job, good family and kids and really nothing to complain about.. Everyday when I wake up it feels like the battle begins.. I was getting these migraine aura's that would scare me so badly that I would just dwell on when the next time I would have one. Never got a headache but just the visual eye flashing.. If I was tough, I could ignore them and go about my day.. But I think it's one of the things that possibly triggered my constant anxiety and occasional depression.

Now, talking just the anxiety issue.. I wake up, go to work, feel like I'm in a constant indescribable fog.. Not that I can't think clearly, because I can, it's more like a dreamy state. Anyone get that feeling? Also, I am having trouble trying to sleep, I'm counting sheep but running out.. (yes that is a Green Day song-- trying to keep my sense of humor).. Anyway, I am only getting about 4-5 hours a night.. I always seem to wake up after 4-5 hours no matter what. When I was a teenager I could sleep for 12 hours easily! I miss those days.. My suspicion is my foggy feeling is due to my insomnia. Anyone agree?
Now, when I'm at work, let's say in a meeting, and I'm sitting there in a room full of people, I will have the sense my balance is off, like I'm going to fall.. Anyone get that? I'm not on any meds at this time either..
It also seems when I feel foggy and tired I have this high pitched ringing in both my ears(tinnitus). I think it's always there but seems to be louder and more noticeable when I am tired, which is quite a bit recently.
Every so often, all of these really gets to me and I will talk to my wife and just break down and cry..
Went to the doc last week, I was so stressed out because I was getting headache a few days before and was feeling really crappy and has a panic attack while I was there.
In short, the doc prescribed Lexapro , Xanax and a Restoril for sleep.
I am afraid to start the SSRI because I hate taking meds.. It scares me.. I am hoping I can mello out with the Xanax and Restoril until I can get to a more baseline anxiety level and maybe catch up on some lost sleep..
I just want to get 7-8 hours of sleep, feel normal and relaxed. Is that so much to ask for? Can anyone relate to me or offer me any advice on how to get back on track... Appreciate this forum and all you guys.. God bless!!

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