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[QUOTE=fusionqueen;5263103]I am hoping to switch and not have to go UP otherwise I would just up the Klonopin. I took the .1 this a.m. and did so so but tomorrow is day 2 so we shall see. I asked about Valium and Dr says no this should cover with NO withdrawal. Baloney!![/QUOTE]

it sounds like the k is kind of pooping out and that can be for many reasons but if you notice it dramatically at the times you are scheduled to take another dose it may mean you are metabolizing it more rapidly then you used to and ramping the dose by another pill or increasing the dose strength may be the most practical solution. I have found that lots of docs think all benzos are the same except their length of time in your body or the potency. All of these meds have their own characteristics and we respond to them highly individualistically. Some people don't mind generics, I have found that generics don't work for me and prefer brand name on any psychoactive pharmaceuticals. Like I said, extended release xanax has been a disapointment to just about anyone I know who tried it. But regular xanax works great provided they find the right dose and times they need to use it. It seems the propriety product they use to create the extended release may have some problems with how it breaks down or it just looses something as it is broken down into our system. Some have had to go up in that dose as well to compensate for their response to the 1mg. The advantage to clonazepam is it is a high potency but long acting med. When it works it works well. Valium can replace it sometimes but the strength is about 10mg per .5mg of K, for many docs that's a lot of valium and they don't feel comfy with it. I have also found that seeking a doc who is a specialist in anxiety disorders and isn't benzo phobic is a real benefit. Best luck

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