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Hi im a 22 year old male, iv been suffering severe general anxiety and mental confusion that has gradually got worse within the months its been ongoing, iv also been getting symptoms of disorientation, poor sinuses, blurred vision, fatigue, poor cognition and memory loss, the memory loss is what stems my anxiety off most, i feel like im in a daydream 90% of the day.

Iv tried all sorts of medication herbal, vitamins and prescribed such as omega 3, magnesium, green tea, b vits, vitamin c, lethichin, and recently been prescribed with prozac, which has now given me sexual difficulties, iv taken citalipram previously before which i didn't react well too, iv researched into wellbutrin and it seems like it would eliminate some symptoms but make my anxiety worse, because of my symptoms i find it extremely hard to explain to my doctor how i feel without him assuming depression although weirdly i don't actually feel depressed.

If possible id like help with what medication would suit me best without heavy side effects.

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