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Hello everybody.

On 03/03/2011 I posted this post in the cardiac forums.
I am going to copy and past what I wrote because I'm still having the same issues and even more since then

" Coughing, belching, left arm pain, chest pain, stomach pain
I'm sure there are threads that have this same question, but I wanted to ask again and get an answer for myself.
I'm 23 years old, 5'10 230lbs. So yes, I'm am overweight, I know.

A few years ago I went to the ER with chest pains and a shortness of breath, anxiety, and was having panic attacks. My physician looked me over at the time, and due to my young age wrote it off as "anxiety".
Although he did do an ECHO on my heart just to make sure, which came back normal.

Over the last few years since, I've been in and out of the ER with stomach pain, arm pain that goes anywhere at any given time from the shoulder to the arm/forearm, and even into the hand.

At the time (about a year and a half ago) they did a xrays on my lungs, stomach area, that whole region, everything came back good.

About a month and a half ago I was having the pain in my stomach again as well as chest pain that goes anywhere from over the left breast to the center sometimes on the right chest, into my left arm I would getting shooting pains into the bicep area as well as for a time I was getting jaw pain and neck pain.
I went to my primary Dr to get checked out, he told me that I needed to just eat healthier and exercise more, which is agreeable, I do.

But for MY peace of mind I went to a cardiologist and had an ekg done, came back fine (although he said there was a slight abnormality, but he said that it was common) and had a Stress Test done which I was told I passed with flying colors. Also I had an ECHO done which all came back good, valves working fine and all (This was a little over a month ago)

(Oh yeah, I also have been to a GI and had an endoscopy done, they removed some polyps that they said weren't cancerous, and I believe they said I had some acidity (or something like that) I unfortunately got busy and couldn't get back in with the GI dr to get full results - This was about a year ago.

Now though, I'm getting the pains again, honestly, they never really went away I guess, always there somewhat, but now they are intensified I guess.

Chest pain comes and goes in different parts of the chest, my left arm will get pains in different parts, as well as my left hand. My right arm at times too. I'm having some jaw pain as well (I'm probably grinding my teeth worrying about it - Anxiety stinks) I'm burping A LOT, sometimes when that happens I have a nasty taste in my mouth, and I have this cough that will NOT go away. I feel it in my throat, an annoying itch and at times I swear it's coming from my stomach (If that makes any sense). And of course, stomach discomfort, sometimes pain, sometimes feels full or bloated in the upper part/lower chest.

I don't know if I should go and get another endoscopy done or what... Is this G.E.R.D? Should I get an M.R.I.? I'm at a loss with this.
It's debilitating to say the least and always a scary.
Thanks guys. "

- Today 02/25/2014

Almost three years later and I am still in pain and in a wirlwind of anxiety.

I take blood pressure and also Setraline for axiety/depression.

I have been looked at by a 2 different cardiologist in the last 3-4 years and told that my problems are NOT my heart.

But my problems are so consistent with heart issues!
Right now as I am typing this I have left arm pain that radiates from different spots, in the upper arm, middle, and hand... Comes and goes. Jaw pain coming and going from both sides... Neck pain... Chest pain in the left and right breast area coming and going and also collarbone pain. Upper back pain (in the shoulder blades) I also have (They think it's G.E.R.D - had an endoscopy done about a month ago and they believe I have that) My lower right back is aching on and off right now... I get dizzy and lightheaded from time to time...

I seriously hate living like this, it's terrible.

Despite the cardiologists saying my heart is fine, I still have another appointment with a third one next month.

I don't know what to think or do... I'm at my wits end with this, I really am.

I had a bad car crash in 2004... I was t-boned in my driver door that sent me spinning about 3 times.
I got x-rayed that day at the hospital but I was found to be okay and only suffering a little whiplash. Would it be possible that something in my back or spine could be causing all this pain? (Chest, arms, neck, jaw, back....)

I don't know where to go from here.... I really don't.

I find it hard to believe that ALL of this, SO REAL AS IT IS, is ANXIETY. I know anxiety can do some pretty mean things, but this is just cruel and just doesn't seem possible. Even when I am not thinking of my issues they still seem to plague me. Wake me up at night at times. Ruin my good times.

Thanks for any advise.


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