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Haven't posted for a while as trying to keep my anxiety at bay but I now have a new symptom that I am panicing about. I had a cold a few weeks back, when it was near its end I developed a tightness at the back of my head and neck. Freaked out - thought it was meningitis. I have tried to forget about it and not focus on it but it won't go away. It improves at night and doesn't trouble me at all in bed but as soon as I wake up it comes back on. It is not a headache as such just a feeling of pressure and tightness. Sometimes it radiates to my shoulders and back too. I'm scared that it is a brain tumour. I went to the GP but she just said muscle tension (they know I have major health anxiety so feel that they do label everything I have as stress).

Does anyone else get this?
It is not a brain tumor! I have had major health anxiety for the past three months as well and I initially thought that I had a brain tumor. After having every test imaginable, I found out that it is probably just anxiety. And even now I am still having trouble accepting that nothing is wrong. But trust me brain tumors etc. do not present themselves in these ways. My anxiety is really bad to where I get back, neck, and shoulder pain as well. I actually just saw, 3 doctors back to back to back about it (because I am a worriedwell) and all said the same thing that it is from stress and tension. When the body is tense all the time from worry - muscle tension/pain is VERY common.

Feel better!

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