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My Anxiety.
Mar 10, 2014
My anxiety is driving me nuts! I am so scared im going to snap.

my anxiety I feel has taken over like a few years ago. Im scared im going to lose it, whdn I feel good it doesnt last because I start doubting why I feel good and if its really me feeling good or my imagination. And I start wondering how long its goibg to last and what I could do to make it last until I get anxious and wierd. Sometimes I cant talk, I start stuttering or talking too low. I cant even laugh right. Im overthinking everything. I drink sometimes to calm down but I do that sooo much lately Im trying to stop. I feel likr my life is over. My anxiety is debilitatibg. I cant concentrate, I binge eat sometimes, im paranoid. Im trying to handle this by myself without being dependent on meds but its so hard. Has anyone felt like this and gotten over this? Im freaking out. Im even scared of getting better. Because then I think I might have multiple personalities or bipolar disorder. I try so much to feel good and then when I achieve it I question it back to feeling anxious and crazy again. Could I possibly be crazy? Is there a cure? I kno they say if u think ur crazy u arent but are there exceptions? Can I undue this? Oh and I used drugs before and basically im freakong out because I just noticed a month ago aswell that I just skipped a few years of my life feelibg this way. Life has literally flew by and I havent done anyyyyything. Its just been problem and life passing me by and ive just been anxious and worrying. I feel like I dobt even kno myself. I kno this was long but I just wanted to put everything out there.

And my anxiety I think comes from alot of things. My mom drinks and is very mean, I was bullied alot growing up, I was molested and more things. But im afraid i will not get over this. I dnt want to be a victim but a suvivor. And help others get through this, and lifes struggles. But this barely allows me to leave the house. Might i have a more serious condition? Do i haaave to take medicine? Can medicine drive me crazier? Anyone ever feel like they are losing control and dont even kno themselves anymore? Ugh im so sad And scared and alone :(

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